Resume is a tool which speaks for you in your absence. It portrays you as a professional and as an individual. First impression is the best impression, resume is your first entry into the organization and is a platform which should highlight every achievement and relevant strength of yours. As a prelude to a fruitful interview you should prepare a meaningful resume. Here are some valuable tips which will make the resume stand out amongst the many others. Resume has to have an optical appeal, it should be presented in a structured format and its contents should be properly drafted.

Optical Appeal:

       The paper should be A4 size.
       The printout should be in font 12. (Arial or Times New Roman)
       Printout should be taken on a Laser Printer.
       The overall optical appeal should be presentable.


       Resume should generally not exceed two pages. For Software professionals it may exceed the limit to highlight team size, duration of project and
        assignment contents.

       Please note this is only an introduction to ensure an interview call and not your biography.
       Avoid making tables in your resume as far as possible. Preferably write in sentences or columns without a border.
        Name must be the opening word of your resume. If the employer has to waste time to locate it, you have irritated him.


     Contact Information -
       This includes your name, mobile no, landline no and email address. This ensures that you are always available to be contacted in case of an opportunity.

     Objective Statement -
       This is optional ……….. It is placed immediately below your contact information, the objective statement tells the interviewer what kind of position you
         are seeking.

     Educational Qualifications -
       Bifurcate the qualifications into Educational and Professional along with specializations.
       Specify name of the degree, name of the university, year of passing for every qualification obtained.
       Marks obtained should be written only if particularly good.

     Work Experience -
       Should start with the present job, followed by others in reverse chronological order.
       Name of the organization, its location, designations held, month and year of joining and leaving must be specified for each employment.
       Job profile or responsibilities handled play a key role in the selection process. List responsibilities point wise for quick comprehension.
       Few sentences about the company profile and its product may be included.

     Special Skills / Computer Skills -
       If you have specific computer, foreign language or any other technical skills, make a mention of the same even if they are not directly related to the job
         you are pursuing.

     Extracurricular Activities -
        Activities can be an excellent source of information.
        Activities might include participation in organizations, associations, clubs or community activities.
        Employers look for this kind of information because they show initiative.

     Awards and Honors -
       Include any formal recognition you have received. e.g. If you have been a past president of a club or have been a volunteer at a NGO or similar.

     Personal Details -
        Specify date of birth and not age as on date.
        State temporary address followed by permanent address.
        Mention Passport Details.
        List languages known, they play an important role in the selection process.
        Mention marital status.

     References -
        Most resume writers end with the statement “references available on request”. It may be a good practice to do so. When asked, you will have to
         furnish 2-3 names along with their current organization details, designation, mobile number and email id.

     Compensation -
        Never mention your compensation. This could be a limiting factor unnecessarily. You can always talk it over at the personal interview.
        If you are sending the resume to a placement consultancy do write cost to company in a covering note. You may add expected salary and
         location preferences too, confidentially.

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